How to buy a single shoulder crossbody bag handbag

- May 31, 2019-

As the saying goes, "men look at watches, women look at bags." "Visible bag is an indispensable product to show women's taste." Some women use the same purse in different places for thrifty time, sometimes seemingly dissonant because they don't match the dress. It is best to prepare a few bags to distinguish between different places such as work, leisure and dinner.
The leather bags used at work should be larger, so that more essential supplies can be stored, but the design must be generous, in line with the image of the work, such as briefcase style of the bag is the most suitable. First of all, the size of the bag, usually do not need to install the size of the A4 paper or files, if necessary to pay attention to the size of the package, this aspect of the Workplace Lady Choice more, in addition to the tall or fat woman choose too small bag will sometimes not be very coordinated; bag color, look at your preferences, rust red-noble festive
Brown-steady and elegant, black is most common all year round can be used. Bag texture, common cowhide, PU peel, lacquer skin and canvas and so on, real cowhide price is expensive, durable; PU is synthetic skin, quality is also good or bad, PU leather bag appearance is beautiful, low price, but not wear-resistant, easy to break; lacquer skin raw material is with leather, but the surface added some craft, do like brush paint, The advantages are good feel, soft skin body, now there are two kinds of lacquer leather, one is the real lacquer skin, the other is called membrane leather is in the dermis two layers of skin attached to a layer of bright leather, the real lacquer skin durability is not much worse than the ordinary dermis, and the membrane leather is composite, prone to breakage and cracking situation; Canvas bag raw materials are hessian, canvas bags have been very popular over the years, its more casual leisure, can be almost with any clothing collocation, but also very good to meet durable, and then canvas bags better wash.