Luggage Diversification by Purpose

- Apr 10, 2019-

First, according to the change of consumer grade, luggage material more diversified, leather, PU, polyester, canvas, cotton hemp and other texture bags to lead the fashion trend. At the same time, Shang Xin luggage manufacturers believe that in the increasingly touted personality of the era, simplicity, retro, cartoon and other styles also from different aspects to meet the needs of fashion people to open their own personality. Luggage style is also from the traditional business bags, school bags, travel bags, wallets, small incense bags and so on to expand.
Second, with the Chinese luggage industry readjustment and the arrival of the era of large shuffling. China's luggage industry is forming a new industrial pattern.
Third, China's luggage market has been the main export, the proportion of domestic market demand is relatively small.