Maintenance of men's shoulder bags

- May 16, 2019-

Maintenance knowledge :
First: Do not always carry, if you are carrying out a long period of exercise, it is best not to choose to carry your shoulder bag for a long time, must be, such a long carry on your body is also bad, to try to carry a hand after two hours, and then back, so work and leisure treat your bag, Can greatly extend the life of your backpack.
Second: Always let your bag see the sun, do not keep in the House do not carry out outdoor sports oh.
Without the moisturizing of the sun's rays, your bag may appear moldy situation, at the same time there will be some odor, people smell very uncomfortable, not to mention you have to carry it, so, you might as well take your love bag out every once in a while to sunbathe, give it a little sunshine?
Third: Try to avoid a large number of friction, in the use of the process, will inevitably encounter some wear, here is not to say that can not wear, but as far as possible to reduce wear and tear to your damage, to achieve less wear and more love. Try to avoid the friction is large or uneven surface of the place to use, if you must use, but also to stay more drilled, love must not carry out positive friction oh.