Make the fabric commonly used in the trolley box

- Apr 22, 2019-

The fabric commonly used to make suitcases, there are three kinds of nylon cloth, CORDURA fabrics and polyester. Nylon belongs to a class of compounds, which are made into fiber fabrics. Luggage made from nylon cloth is sturdy, durable and of good strength and not easy to break.
But the nylon cloth suitcase is not as good as polyester fabric bags, and the wear resistance is poor, as well as more afraid of fire.
Different materials, the production of leisure backpack effect is not the same, and the production of leisure backpack material types are very many, the choice of leisure backpack materials can be divided into three categories, such as cloth, leather and plastic materials. Casual backpack materials made from fabric materials can be selected with lightweight nylon, sturdy wear-resistant canvas and oxford cloth, etc., you can choose PP, ABS, PC and other plastic materials to make casual backpack