Men's double shoulder bag identification

- May 15, 2019-

1. Workmanship
Each corner and press line is very neat, there is no stripping and jumper phenomenon, each needle workmanship is very elegant, this is a sign of high craft.
2. Material
On the market popular shoulder bag material is limited, such as Nylon, Oxford, canvas, and even more is cowhide crocodile skin and so on, can be summed up as luxury goods, the general computer shoulder bag are used 1680D double-stranded fabric is relatively medium. And 600D Oxford cloth is a more commonly used material.
In addition, materials such as canvas, 190T and 210 are usually used for relatively simple bundle pocket types of shoulder bags.
3. Brand
To see whose brand is relatively loud, is more popular with everyone, the brand has a lot, not all are suitable for your own, there are different meanings to choose and judge according to their preferences!
4. Structure
The back structure of the shoulder bag directly determines the use and grade of the backpack. Brand-name computer shoulder bag back structure is more complex, at least six pieces of pearl cotton or EVA to do air cushion, and even aluminum frame. The general shoulder bag back is a piece of 3MM of pearl Cotton to do breathable board, the simplest bundle pocket type shoulder bag in addition to the backpack itself material, there is no cushioning material. The quality of the computer double shoulder bag is better, but the style is less. Sports shoulder Bag style selection is more, but the material workmanship is general. Stylish shoulder packs are small in capacity, but suitable for ladies to use in informal settings.