Teach you how to choose a female handbag

- May 27, 2019-

1. The importance of the color of the handbag Every woman has her own happy color, so your handbag should match your favorite color, at least in relation to each other, and it can't be a relationship.Assuming you're happy to use green, then your handbag is best not to be red (green), yellow , other colors are available. If the color of the clothes you wear is already consistent with your own life, it is a relationship, then your handbag can be used in other colors, because the color of the clothes is the main tone, the handbag is just embellishment.
2. Handbag style should pay attention to handbag styles are almost varied, and every year, every season is different.
If you are a big fan of small black skirts, it is also a good choice to choose a eye-catching handbag such as purple or peach.
3. Suitable for informal occasions of handbags, if you are a regular club and PUB regulars, the choice of cheap handbags is more practical, at least you do not have to worry if you lose the words you will have too much loss, of course, this is not to say that the choice of non-formal occasions handbag is not important. The most basic principle: this handbag should be able to match at least three or more pieces of clothing. A special material, eye-catching small bag can make your whole body bright up.
4. The choice of daily handbags, as far as possible to choose the size of larger handbags, so that you can put more things. This article should remind friends: remember not to grab the handbag casually to go shopping, the consequences will be very bad.