What are the advantages of custom bags

- Apr 07, 2019-

1. Pull the bag that has been made to open, high-quality bags will also use excellent texture of the leather lining as an auxiliary material.
2. To see the luggage cortex, a good bag of imported PU skin; PU leather is generally the opposite of the cowhide of the second layer of leather, on the surface coated with a layer of PU resin, so also known as coated cowhide. Its price is cheaper and the utilization rate is high. Its changes with the process are also made into a variety of grades, such as imported two layers of cowhide, due to unique technology, stable quality, novel varieties and other characteristics.
PU leather and real leather bags have their own characteristics, PU leather bag appearance is beautiful, good care, low price, but not wear-resistant, easy to break; Leather is expensive, take care of trouble, but durable.
3. Rivet decoration or metal buckle ring and other materials, do not underestimate these small things, these things often affect the use of your bag, custom bags because you require different materials, rivet decoration or metal buckle ring and other materials are not easy to fade, and easy to maintain.
4. The zipper of the bag can see the simplest quality, if a bag does not have a good quality zipper, on behalf of this bag only has the lowest standard; the highest quality bags have both functional and aesthetic zippers.