What Colors We Have Got from Nature

- Sep 02, 2019-

Whether designing posters, identifying business cards, or producing packaging, color combinations often play a key role in the perception of the work. Where does the creative inspiration of color originate? In fact, most people who are good at observing understand that life is the source of inspiration. Nature is the source of inspiration. Design is never lacking in source. It only needs to have a pair of eyes to discover beauty.

1, Cool Blue

what colors from Nature-cool blue


This color is as versatile as blue and can be used almost anywhere.


2, Water Green

what colors from Nature-water green


The scenery of nature is mostly presented in green, it is delicate and subdivided. The water green is only a small part of it, but it is also a green color that many people like.


3, Ice Blue and Gray


what colors from Nature-ice blue and gray

In the picture, the warm gray contrasts with the cool glacier blue, creating a dynamic color scheme, that is visually and more interesting than the combination of blue and gray. lighter, brighter, softer tones.


4, Yellow & Orange Day & Night


what colors from Nature-yellow and orange

This set of color combinations is a perfect example of the power of contrast. The intense, bright yellow and orange balances the background blue, creating a powerful overall effect without the aggressive strength.


5, Classic Blue & Red


what colors from Nature-classic blue and red

This is a classic color combination: neutral blue and ivory white , red and blue, which makes people think of the ocean and the boat.