You will see from the bags which details of the quality of the bag workmanship is fine

- Apr 04, 2019-

Out of the streets, backpack people everywhere, whether students, or commuters, are very keen on the use of backpacks, and even the elderly also like backpack travel. And backpack travel, in addition to ease of use, its capacity is very considerable, so most people like to carry backpacks.
So the production of backpacks, from what can be seen in the quality of the backpack fine workmanship?
1. Luggage production process. I think you can see from a number of details whether the backpack workmanship is fine, thus reflecting whether the quality of the backpack belongs to high quality. One is symmetry, although there are now asymmetric bags on the market, but most of the common backpack is based on symmetry. The second is sewing, from the backpack 0, the sewing between the parts can be seen whether the backpack workmanship is fine.
2. From the symmetrical problem. Sewing process and adhesive technology can be seen in the high quality backpack fine workmanship problems.