Analysis On The Characteristics Of Luggage Industry In China

- Mar 20, 2019-

(1) The trend of production concentration is obvious, and small and medium-sized enterprises with the rapid development of the luggage industry, the number of enterprises continue to increase, China's leather industry has gradually formed a group of production bases and professional markets with industry characteristics, the trend of production concentration is obvious.
The main are: Huadou leather production base, Guangzhou Zi Yun Gang leather city, Hebei Baigou luggage production base, Shenzhen leather industry cluster, Shanghai Hongkou Luggage Center, Haining Leather City and other professional markets. The output value of these production bases accounts for about 80% of the national leather industry. About 65% of these bags come from Guangdong. Only in Guangzhou has a certain scale of luggage manufacturers more than 10,000, small factories more. In the production and marketing of the peak period, Guangzhou's luggage manufacturers have nearly 30,000.
More than 90% of these luggage enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises.
(2) Lack of brand awareness, in the middle and low end of the market has a strong competitiveness in China's luggage industry after decades of rapid development, the current products are extremely rich, but enterprises generally lack of brand awareness training, mainly rely on low-cost basis of low-priced advantage competition.
Foreign exports mainly to OEM production-oriented, few enterprises to their own brand to the world, even if there is such a sense, because the level of development and design can not keep up, the ability is also a great shortage, or there are many enterprises simply will not invest in the development of design. Therefore, China's luggage industry has been in the mature stage of the low-end luggage market has a strong competitiveness.