Bag Cloth Selection Polyester Or Cotton Fiber Fabric Quality That Better

- Apr 19, 2019-

First, the bag cloth selection of polyester or cotton fiber which is better, is the need to make decisions according to their own needs, although the bag cloth selection of polyester cotton or cotton fiber fabrics have a good wear resistance and elasticity, but custom bags, the final quality decision lies in the choice of manufacturers
Second, bags are one of the essential tools, whether it is widely used by the public leisure bags, or business bags used by commercial people, or professional kits used by professionals, etc., are inseparable from the production process of bags.
Third, the bag cloth selected polyester cotton fabric production, luggage dry, wet case, elasticity and wear resistance are better, not easy to deform, and polyester cotton material is easier to clean, easy to dry, and not easy to wrinkle.