Custom Trolley Box Should Pay Attention To The Matter

- Apr 30, 2019-

First, Zipper:
Zipper Trolley Box In today's market is still relatively popular, so custom pull box, we must pay attention to the smooth zipper and whether the water seepage or not this two problems.
Zipper is the connecting rod box up and down two layers, can play to protect the safety of items, so to choose teeth more neat, smooth, with waterproof ability of the zipper rod box will be better.

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Second, the lever:
The flexibility of the lever box lever is one of the four problems that must be paid attention to in the custom trolley box, we must choose the pull rod and spring connection with the plastic ring sleeve of the built-in pull box, because this design of the rod bag stability is relatively strong.
Third, Metal:
Trolley box metal decorations are also extremely important, beautiful hardware can not only give people a pleasant visual impact, but also indirectly highlight the quality and grade of the trolley box.
Four, Wheels:
Custom Trolley box must pay attention to the wheel problem, because the wheel is to determine whether the use of the trolley box is comfortable and convenient.