Forecast Of Market Situation And Development Trend Of Chinese Luggage Industry In The 2019

- Mar 07, 2019-

Luggage has both practicality and decorative two connotations, covering all aspects of people's work and life.
Luggage According to the use can be divided into four categories:
1) Business bags.
Mainly appear in people's work and business scenes, such as computer bags, briefcases and so on;
2) Travel bags.
Mainly includes pull Rod trunk, travel backpack, etc;
3) Casual bags.
Mainly used in daily life or outdoor leisure, such as shoulder backpacks, ladies ' bags, wallets, outdoor sports bags, beach bags and so on. 4) Other uses. Mainly some special purpose bags, such as camera bags, cosmetic boxes, medical bags and so on. Business bags, travel bags, leisure luggage system together constitute the baggage market.