Luggage Knowledge: The Relationship Between Backpack And Health

- Mar 18, 2019-

1, The material to be light: Some friends who buy luggage experience should have an understanding, their backpack is loaded with the weight of the body has been too much, if the weight of the bag itself is very heavy, then not only in the use of very tired, but also with health is a great load.
Some backpacks increase the weight of their backpacks by adding a lot of unnecessary decorations, which is highly undesirable.
2, The strap to be wide: The back bandwidth of the backpack is scientifically based, the wider the backpack strap can let the shoulder force surface increase, reduce the shoulder local force on the shoulder damage. Backpack posture is very important, especially young people are active, so may use some strange posture carrying their own backpack, but bad posture may have a serious impact on the spine, in the long run is a serious health hazard for teenagers. For example, some crossbody bags and shoulder backpacks, some people because of good looks deliberately will be a single shoulder backpack, crossbody bag strap to lengthen, but this makes the backpack constantly shaking, long-term will cause a lot of pressure on the spine.  
Buy some long strap backpacks also be aware that they are far more harmful than the average backpack.
The main three points are required when backing the backpack:
1, Reduce shaking: Whether it is a backpack or crossbody bag do not put the strap too long, as far as possible to make the backpack less shaking. Adjusting the length of the backpack strap to the right length helps you stabilize the center of gravity.The muscles of the body are not adjusted for excessive shaking and feel tired in advance.
2, Backpack position: The position of the backpack should not be placed too low, often the position of the lower edge of the shoulder backpack control at the waist is better, and some students like to place the backpack position in the pelvic position, which may have a serious impact on the health of the pelvis.
3, Backpack front back: Some people like to put the backpack front back, occasionally the front back may ease the fatigue of the shoulder, but long-term anterior back may cause adverse effects on the spine, long-term even lead to hunchback phenomenon.