Teach You How To Choose A Workplace Bag

- Mar 23, 2019-

First pack: Commuter bags, this package suggests that leather has a certain degree of firmness, can accommodate A4 paper, has a large opening for easy to take things of the package, choose this package is characterized by not to choose the leather is too collapsed, the empty bag on the table is best to maintain the original shape, Because too soft a commuter bag is easy to give a career image collapse without the impression of rhythm.
Senior white-collar workers with a certain workplace status can buy black commuter bags with more stiff materials.
Second package and third package: travel bags and leisure bags can be universal, it is recommended to choose can be oblique back can also be hand-held medium package type, appropriate size, put some can be used with small items, travel, shopping and ordinary business entertainment, easy to use and good-looking.
Package IV and package fifth: Party bags and evening bags can also be common, it is recommended to choose a good gloss small bag, it is best to have a chain, you can back can take, noon and colleagues to meet lunch, evening and friends to go to the bar to drink something, or temporary dinner can also be used as a handbag.