The Most Fashionable Bags 2019-2020: TOP-review Of Trends, The Best Models Of Handbags

- May 23, 2019-

Today, finding the perfect handbag, which would become a universal accessory for any bows, will not be very easy. Especially if you are not familiar with all the trends of fashionable handbags of 2019-2020.


Already very popular in the design of fashionable bags 2019-2020 was white. You can find a beautiful white bag of any trendy model, starting from a classic tote bag and ending with a trendy round handbag.

You can get acquainted with the most fashionable models and novelties of the bags of 2019-2020 right now, in a small photo review of the most current trends.

Top 12 of the brightest and most trendy handbags of the season 2019-2020 photo

Bag in the shape of a ball


The round shape has become so popular that the designers decided to go even further, offering fashionable women a volume bag in the shape of a ball. I must say that this form is not very practical, so in most variants the handbag belongs to an evening accessory.

Bag "banana"


More practicality can be found in small fashionable bags such as "banana". An adjustable strap allows you to wear such a bag on your belt or throw it over your shoulder like a backpack. If earlier such a bag was considered sports, today the design allows you to find very beautiful and stylish bananas in different styles.

Waist bag


Fashionable trend is to carry a bag on the belt, so stylish belt bags continue to lead in many collections. The most fashionable waist bags can have different removable straps that allow you to carry the bag not only on the belt, but also in the hand or on the shoulder.

Bag "shopper"


When capacity is important in a bag, it is better not to find a shopper model. The giant rectangular bag with handles, in spite of its size, looks very restrained and attractive.

Bag "bucket"


An interesting form for the bag was the model "bucket". Included in the trends last season, a fashionable bucket bag looks very cool in a woven summer version. A bright novelty of the season will be a plastic model with a hint of resin and a satin pouch placed in a bucket bag.

Saddle Bag


As the saying goes, “everything is new - well forgotten old”, this definition is very appropriate for the trendy Saddle Bag bags that first appeared on the podium in 2000. The iconic bag returned in a modern frame and received many interpretations. The shape of the bag in the form of a saddle remained unchanged.

Transparent plastic bag


New trend bags replenished with another original version, although it would be more correct to say a “transparent” option. A white cosmetic bag will become a suitable tandem transparent bag, in which all the necessary things will be hidden.

Bag "bag"


Along with the bucket bag in trends, there remains a fashionable bag-bag, in which instead of the usual fastener on top there is a pull-down cord or chain.

Bag in color neon


The coming season offers to distract from the dull black and gray tones and complement the image of a bright neon bag. The most popular bags will be acid yellow, green and raspberry shades.

Tiny handbag


A small handbag that fits easily in your hand can be a nice little addition to a stylish bow. Belt models and bags worn around the neck, or as part of a set of bags, can be such tiny handbags.

Metallic Bag


The trendy trend of metallic has appeared absolutely everywhere this season: clothes, shoes and even a manicure with pleasure used metallic sheen. Now it came to fashion bags.

Bag chest with handle


An elegant find among the new handbags will be a small model of a handbag in the form of a chest with a beautiful handle. The decor here may be minimal. Such bags with a contrasting handle design look very cool.