Those Fantastic Bucket Bags For Summer

- Jun 19, 2019-

The beauty of summer is to have a fresh and cool dress with a beautiful bucket bag.


Classic caramel and brown are beautiful colors for Summer, but a rare olive green bucket bag is lined with a light dress.


The "smart" white bucket bag with a nude suit, is also pretty good, just like the beach and the waves in the sun, filled with a relaxed mood.


Ice cream colors, such as light pink, green and sky blue are eye-catching, have become popular and mentioning such a bucket bag out of the street, like a fruit candy in the summer, beautiful look.

But do you know? Bags also have a fashion trend, this year's popular bucket bag, all have a "pleat"!


 Mansur Gavriel:New Idea-Pleated Bucket Bag 


Mansur Gavriel is the first "blasters" that has been ignited in IG. It has been popular with many modern bags with bright colors and simple design.


In this summer, its main product is "Pleated Bucket", which looks a bit like the crease bag of Issey Miyake, but it is made of leather and the accordion-like pleat is better.


Jenny Walton, Michelle Madsen and other popular fashion bloggers are also licking this cute pleated bucket bag, with different colors to match their bright dresses.


In addition to the regular nude, caramel, navy, black, "Pleated Bucket" also introduced a light pink, goose yellow, warm orange more suitable for girls.

 Mlouye:Creatives Design-Mini Lantern Pleated Bag 


Mlouye-a new bag brand, which was founded in 2015, brings more creative design – the bag like bucket is impressed with a cute and modern look.


The bag is called "Mini Lantern Pleated Bag" ,due to the design is full of emotions, it is especially fashionable to take pictures, and it is also suitable for girls who have personality and don’t worry to carry same bag with others.


It also has beautiful colors, cherry powder, squid powder, mint green ... all the girls' favorite colors.


This bag also has "normal" look without pleats, but all belong to the Lantern series. The design of the patent material is less of a small personality, but versatile, and the shape of the bag is special enough to attract attention.



The combination colors are also quite diverse and easy-to-match. No matter you are a sweet girl or delicate women, you can find the one that suits you.


Mlouye also has a very special bucket bag called "Helix", which is a visual illusion effect of obliquely cutting and rotating the leather into a wonderful visual illusion.


 STAUD-Bucket Bag


STAUD is the main brand of the fashionable bucket bags,you can see many people carry its bags.


A bucket bag with a net bag is super hot in recent seasons comes from the brand.


The new product launched "Hutton" bucket bag is like a bellows with an accordion. very special.


In fact, no matter which bucket bag, they follow two key points – chic design and nice color matching, so they can be favored by fashionable girls. Then the question is coming. Which one do you like the most?