Tips For Choosing A Trolley Box

- Apr 23, 2019-

1. Smooth box surface. Stroking the box surface does not feel any arch packets and bulges, except for the design needs, can not see any artificial seams and bare Bingmau.
2. Consistent. No matter what kind of material (leather or textile) This pull rod bag is, the color of the box should be coordinated inside and outside, just right. And the lining seam at the stitches of fine and orderly, no confusion is not sparse.
3. Hardware decoration needs to rely on research. The design of the trolley box will always take into account its fashion elements, designers will always use some hardware decoration as a box face collocation.
4. The line pins are just right. Box stitching needs glue and wire, whether it is clear line or dark lines no thread exposure is the most basic requirements, in addition, you also have to see whether the line of the pin is dense and symmetrical, the length of the same, especially some difficult to pay attention to the line is in place, pay attention to the position of the thread is easy to cause packet and cracking.
5. Adhesive bonding needs to be firm. As mentioned above, the bonding of the box requires glue and wire. When you check the box, you can deliberately drag and drop some parts, not because some of the decorations are novel and stylish, but ignore its robustness.
6. Buttons and latches. Some of the inside of the trolley box has a button design, because of its practicality, so we will often use it, then we have to consider whether the button is firm. And the latch. This is also one of the most important parts of the trolley box, from the whole box surface, the latch must be integrated with the box body, but also carefully check the latch next to the needle stitching is tight.
7. The box fabric can be lent really real. As to how to identify, please see the detailed introduction of "pull box fabric identification of the eyes."