Turn E-commerce Into A New Impetus For China's Economic Upgrade Edition

- Mar 28, 2019-

Electronic commerce has become the new motive force of economic development.

In recent years, China's e-commerce has developed rapidly, creating new consumer demand, triggering a new investment boom, opening up new channels for employment income generation, providing a new space for mass entrepreneurship and public innovation, and becoming a new force for the provision of public goods and services, and a new driving force for economic development. Statistics show that in 2018, China's e-commerce turnover of more than 13 trillion yuan, of which, the network retail market turnover of 2. 8 trillion yuan, an increase of 49 on the same year. 7%, the network retail market transaction scale is firmly ranked first in the world.

According to IDC consulting company forecast, 2015 e-commerce will drive China's direct and indirect employment 30 million, e-business penetration will exceed 60%. Chai Yutin, a professor at Tsinghua University and director of the National Engineering Laboratory of e-commerce trading technology, believes that e-commerce is no longer confined to the category of "network-based transactions", but has become a new type of economic activity with information, knowledge and technology as the leading factors to optimize the whole process of reorganizing production, consumption and circulation, and improving the efficiency and quality

It will have a profound impact on economic growth, structural adjustment, factor allocation and so on, and become a new driving force for building an "upgraded version of China's economy". Global e-commerce economy in the rapid development of fierce competition, the United States, the European Union, Asia's development speed and transaction scale alternating catch-up, developed countries dominate the world's new economic trend intention is obvious, a group of China's leading e-commerce enterprises initially show international competitive advantage.

At the same time, China's e-commerce field is faced with problems such as unsuitable management mode, imperfect integrity system and irregular market order. "The leap-forward development of e-commerce has brought unprecedented historical opportunities to our country. Li Taotao, vice president of the China Electronic Commerce Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, believes that it will promote the transformation of China from a "world factory" to a "global market", greatly improving China's voice and dominance in the world economic competition.