What Are The Standard Travel Bags?

- Apr 28, 2019-

1. Practicality is always the first A perfect travel bag should be practical in the first place. A beautifully clever evening bag, even if not even a powder box can not be installed, so that the outstanding with the finishing effect of the evening package; but if a travel bag does not have practical value, it can only be shelved. A high-quality suitcase should allow each traveler to find the item he placed in his or her original location when he or she arrives at his or her destination.

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Shirts, ties will not wrinkle, filled with items do not deform the box, even if it rains, the box will not seep so that the box is a mess.
2. Lightweight wheels and processes The travel bag for the long journey must be full, and you need at least one pull box. This makes the wheel quite important, usually with a four-wheel pull box or a double-wheeled trolley box. Now very popular four-wheel pull box is very convenient, in addition to can drag around, but also can be pushed, so as to reduce the weight of the arm, action more convenient. A lot of poor quality suitcase in the consignment will be quite fragile, a few twists and turns after the wheel can be flexible box so that people can not love?